Miscellaneous Stuff

Maxair Autohaler (pirbuterol) problems. Read this before using the Maxair Autohaler.
  The following pages contain miscellaneous photographs that were taken for specific people, groups and events. It also includes some of my miscellaneous rants and raves.


Miscellaneous Photographs:

  Angel Island - Day and nighttime shots of various point around the island.
  "Claude Newman" - promotional photographs for a play by the QuoVaden Theather Company
  Mariani's Packing Co - Former fruit packing plant in San Jose, CA
  Panoramas - I'm having too much fun making panoramas out of everything using CS3 PhotoMerge.
  Preston Castle - An abandoned reform school in the California Gold Country.


  Why 3M made made a big mistake when they switched the delivery system of their great Maxair asthma broncodialator from a metered dose inhaler to a autoinhaler.